Mayfly Club

What is the purpose of the Mayfly Club?

The Mayfly Club is a membership and volunteer group of young adults (ages 21 – 40) dedicated to raising awareness and support for the Stroud™ Water Research Center and the issues facing the world’s supply of fresh water.

How does the Mayfly Club accomplish its purpose?

The Mayfly Club uses a combination of social events and educational workshops to raise awareness and support the Center's research and education programs.

Why the name Mayfly Club?

Mayflies are one of the most common and important members of the freshwater insect community.  Because most species of mayflies are the preferred food for many freshwater carnivores, including other insects and fishes, they form a fundamental link in the freshwater food chain.  Many species of mayfly are highly susceptible to water pollution; for this reason mayflies have proven very useful in the assessment of water quality and we've created a group by the same name.

How can I join?

Contact Kay Dixon, 610-268-2153, ext. 303,