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2015 News Releases

October 28: Clean, Fresh Water is Essential to Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness

September 1: Study will investigate storm impacts on fresh water

May 18: Science, not politics, should guide Clean Water Act clarification

April 30: Stroud Water Research Center Honored with two Conservation Awards

April 21: Delaware River Basin Deserves Federal Protection

April 2: Dansko Co-Founders Take Their Place Among Who’s Who at Stroud Water Research Center

March 26: Stroud Center Gets Award for Environmental Education Programs

March 23: New Board Members Help Stroud Center Advance Mission

February 9: Grant Supports Total Watershed Restoration to Reduce Flooding, Improve Habitat

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About Stroud™ Water Research Center
Stroud Water Research Center seeks to advance knowledge and stewardship of fresh water systems through global research, education, and restoration and to help businesses, landowners, policymakers, and individuals make informed decisions that affect water quality and availability around the world. Stroud Water Research Center is an independent, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.