Annual Reports

Read in-depth stories about the Center’s work in our “year-in-review” publications.

In addition to the cover stories, all annual reports also contain the following features: a Year At a Glance listing, Message from the Director, Research Projects, Education Projects, Gifts and Contributions, Financials,Staff, Interns, and Volunteers.

2014 Annual Report cover

2014 Annual Report
The Future of Fresh Water Starts Here

2013 Annual Report
To the Streams We Go: Pioneering Freshwater Science and Solutions

2012 Annual Report
First Fall at the Moorhead Environmental Complex: Educating the Next Generation of Water Stewards

2011 Annual Report
From the Ground Up: A Freshwater Foundation for Environmental Education and Public Outreach

2010 Annual Report
Connecting the Dots: How a New Study May Reveal Link Between Life-Sustaining Nutrient, Life-Threatened Streams

2009 Annual Report
Moving Freshwater Forward: Establishing a Critical Zone Observatory in the Christina River Basin

2008 Annual Report
Building a Library of Life: Our Role in the Assessment of Planetary Health

2007 Annual Report
The New York City Watershed: Protecting the Water Supply of 9 Million People

2005-2006 Years in Review
Notes from the Field: Journey to Peru

2004 Annual Report
Study Shows Value of Streamside Trees; Amazon Source of River Breath