UpStream Newsletter, March 2017

Stroud Water Research Center: Celebrating 50 Years

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Laura Zgleszewski uses the qPCR machine

DNA Tool Helps Scientists Identify
Bacteria in Streams

Like a CSI forensic investigator, Stroud Center research technician Laura Zgleszewski is asking the question, “Who are you?” Only instead of hunting criminals, she’s identifying the likely sources of fecal bacteria in streams, a potential human health risk. Read more

David Bressler and Jennie Matkov collect stream data

David Bressler Connects
Citizens to Science

“Through citizen science, I hope we can make environmental science more accessible, help people better understand the world around them, and show them how their actions impact freshwater resources and ecosystems,” says David Bressler, Stroud Center’s new citizen science facilitator. Read more

Upcoming Events

Are you an educator? Check out our Leaf Pack workshop, education open house, and early environmental education and stream monitoring for students workshops.

Want an update on a headline-grabbing freshwater story? Join us for Joan and Dick Stroud Memorial Lecture Presents: Flint Water Crisis — Where Are We Now? Follow the lecture with Dine Out for Fresh Water at Sovana Bistro

Looking forward to some fun in the sun? You might be interested in the Fore Fresh Water Golf Outing and Rally for Fresh Water.

Register Now for Summer and Fall Education Programs!

Our stream programs for schools and scouts are available year-round. Our spring schedule is nearly full — begin the registration process now to reserve your summer and fall program dates! Pennsylvania public schools may qualify for reduced programming fees.

Steve Kerlin helps carry voyageur canoe

Education Staff Lead Presentations and Winning Voyageur Canoe at NAAEE Conference

Stroud Center education staff continued their international impact at the North American Association for Environmental Education conference held in Madison, Wisconsin — near the home of Aldo Leopold (a father of the conservation movement) and the Leopold Shack where Aldo wrote the Sand County Almanac. Read more

Bern Sweeney looks over a level lip spreader

Partnership in Cover Crop
Research Bears Fruit

Cover cropping coach, Steve Groff, explains in Lancaster Farming how a project at Meadow Springs Farm is a rare opportunity for Stroud Center scientists to closely observe and measure the results of agricultural practices that affect water quality. Groff will speak at the Stroud Center on March 30.

Q & A: Rewarding Private Behavior
to Enhance the Commons

Stroud Center president Bern Sweeney, Ph.D., and Jamie Blaine published an op-ed piece in the September 2016 issue of Freshwater Science proposing a new system to reward private behavior to protect freshwater resources. To expand their audience, they wrote a post in The Nature Conservancy’s “Cool Green Science” blog; Sweeney spoke about the experience in a recent Society of Freshwater Science newsletter.

More Media Mentions

Mystery Midge with “Kite Tail” Eggs

In 2015, Stroud Center researchers Sherman Roberts and Dave Funk, along with a former Stroud Center employee, were camping on the northern bank of Lake Umbagog along the border of Maine and New Hampshire. Roberts noticed some insects flying over the lake with what appeared to be long strings dangling beneath them. Funk collected some of the eggs in order to rear and identify them. A search of the technical literature failed to turn up any references to this sort of egg-laying behavior in the Chironomidae. Watch the video to learn more.

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