Moorhead Environmental Complex

Moorhead Environmental Complex Achieves LEED® Platinum

The Moorhead Environmental Complex at Stroud Water Research Center has been awarded LEED® Platinum certification, established by the U.S. Green Building Council and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). LEED® is the nation’s preeminent program for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Read the press release »

Getting the Water Right

Stroud Water Research Center dedicated the Moorhead Environmental Complex in honor of the many years of service and support of board of directors co-chair Rod Moorhead. This new “green” building was built as a direct and proactive way to support the Center’s environmental education and public outreach.

Even though the Moorhead Environmental Complex occupies only a small portion of our site, the innovations associated with its construction have made all elements of the “water cycle” more sustainable for the entire campus.

The building utilizes and treats water in a way that more closely mimics nature — leaving a smaller overall environmental footprint, better protecting the White Clay Creek, and acting as both a teaching vehicle and a replicable model for others to follow.

A role model. A replicable model. A sustainable building.

Understanding the science as we do, it would have been counterintuitive to proceed with anything but a green building, for our goal is to set an example for others and to ensure that we foster the kind of stewardship that will produce the sustainable future we envision for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

Just as our findings have fundamentally contributed to the world’s knowledge of freshwater biodiversity, conservation practices and policy, the Moorhead Environmental Complex will become a critical part of our ability to influence a broader public. As we “teach by doing,” we will influence every individual who experiences our programs. The new environmental education and public outreach center will become a platform from which we can continue leading the way.

Incorporating Green Components

Get the details of how we achieved LEED® Platinum certification or follow the links below to learn about individual green components.

Stormwater Management

Natural landscaping with porous surfaces, a green roof, and rain gardens with native vegetation.

Sustainable Water Use & Treatment

Rainwater capture; wetland wastewater treatment; composting toilets; water reuse system.

Overall Energy Efficiency

Geothermal system; radiant heating; natural ventilation; solar power; high efficiency windows; sunshades.

Recycled & Locally Sourced Materials

Wherever possible, materials are regionally sourced, sustainably harvested, reclaimed, or recycled.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Low-emitting materials; efficient, task-specific lighting; maximum use of natural ventilation and light.

Educational Opportunities

Educational and interpretive signage will appear on all innovative building and landscaping solutions.