Leaf Pack Partnership:
Stroud Water Research Center & National Wildlife Federation

Stroud Water Research Center

National Wildlife Federation

Developed by Stroud Water Research Center, the Leaf Pack Experiment Kit is a scientific stream-testing kit that measures the numbers and kinds of insects and other invertebrates in streams to determine overall water quality.

We have partnered with National Wildlife Federation to distribute Leaf Pack kits. The Leaf Pack Experiment Kit is a great hands-on activity for curious students and makes an immediate connection between the classroom and the outdoors. It’s a great way for families and school groups, grade levels 3 and up, to get outdoors and explore nature.

After conducting a leaf pack experiment, schools and groups have the option of sharing their data through the Leaf Pack Network®.

Leaf Pack Experiment Deluxe Stream Ecology Kit

Discover the world of stream macroinvertebrates (insects, snails, crayfish) and their value as living indicators of water quality. A durable, reusable, and flexible education/nature kit that can provide the basis for teaching programs appropriate for grade levels 3 and up, and ranging in duration from hours to days, for a few or a busload of students. The kit includes links to online macroinvertebrate identification resources, and all the equipment needed for collecting, sorting and identifying macroinvertebrates. Also included are 18 macroinvertebrate identification flashcards with color photos and detailed drawings.

$199.00 each

Kit Includes: 6 Mesh Bags with ID tags; 1 Waterproof Marker; 1 Strainer; 6 Sorting Trays; 60 Plastic Petri Dishes; 6 Waterproof Sorting Sheets; 2 Thermometers; 1 Hand-held Scale; 2 Rulers; 12 Brushes; 12 Spoons; 1 Set of Full Color ID Cards; 6 hand Lenses; 1 MacroLens™; 1 Roll Nylon Twine; 6 Zipper Top Bags; 1 Tree Finder Booklet; 1 Instructors Manual.

Leaf Pack Experiment Standard Stream Ecology Kit

Do you have access to Petri dishes and sorting trays? If you don’t need to buy them, then the standard kit may be all you need.

This standard edition of the Leaf Pack Stream Ecology Kit contains just the core components needed to teach and complete the leaf pack method of water quality monitoring.

$109.00 each

Kit Includes: 6 mesh bags with ID tags; 1 Strainer; 6 Waterproof Sorting Sheets; 1 Hand-held Scale; 1 Set of Full Color ID Cards; and one MacroLens™.

Aquatic Macro ID Kit

This package is designed to support any investigator or group conducting aquatic macroinvertebrate sampling for any purpose.

The kit is compatible for use with kick nets, D-shaped net or bottom sampling dredge. Appropriate for stream, lake and pond-bottom sampling. Ideal for individuals or small groups. Online macroinvertebrate identification resources also provided. The kit includes hardware and identification tools that can be used to assist in the processing and identification of macroinvertebrates collected with any method.

$99.00 each

Kit Includes: 1 Strainer; 1 Sorting Tray; 10 Plastic Petri Dishes; 1 Zipper Top Bag; 1 Waterproof Sorting Sheet; 1 Set Full Color ID Cards; 2 MacroLens™.

Aquatic Bug Kit

A creepy-crawly, wet investigation into the health of a stream or pond.

Following the easy-to-read manual, collect, observe, sort, and identify aquatic insects and other macroinvertebrates as a guide for establishing water quality. Construct and place a pack of leaves into the water and come back in a couple weeks to find out who made their home there!

This activity can be completed at home, or spend an afternoon outdoors beside a stream! Ideal for home school, science projects, or just a day enjoying nature’s wonders!

$24.99 each

Kit Includes: mesh bag for collection; hand lens; sorting dishes; bug identification board; and instructions. Great links to online resources for additional activities and games!



Additional Stream Ecology Resources From LaMotte Company

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Life Cycle & Habitat Flashcards

Help kids understand the life cycle and habitats of freshwater aquatic macroinvertebrates with this set of flashcards and manual.

The 22 full-color cards feature photos of both immature and adult insect stages, and detail life cycle and habitat information.

The accompanying manual contains facts on insect characteristics, life cycles, taxonomy, classification, food webs, and how macroinvertebrates can be indicators of water quality.

Free download: Insect Life Cycle & Habitat Flashcards Checklist

Around $55 each, depending on supplier. Call LaMotte at 800-344-3100 to order (Order Code: 5946) or check their list of distributors.

Aquatic Insect Identification Flashcards

Use this set of 18 full color flash cards alone or as an addition to any macroinvertebrate activity. (The set is included in the Leaf Pack Experiments Stream Ecology Kit).

The front of each card features a full-color photograph of a common macroinvertebrate in its natural environment.

A list of dichotomous characteristics, a measuring scale, and detailed drawings on the back of each card aid in the identification process.

Helpful notes prevent confusion between macroinvertebrates with a similar appearance. A hole can be punched in the wide border of the laminated cards so they can be organized on a ring for field or classroom use.

Around $45 each, depending on supplier. Call LaMotte at 800-344-3100 to order (Order Code: 5882-SA1) or check their list of distributors.

Watershed Tour™

Introduce students to stream and river ecosystems through a classroom-based tour of a virtual watershed.

Geared toward students in grades 4-8 and designed for teachers who are unable visit a stream with their students.

Students will learn about stream ecology, water quality issues, and their own connection to a watershed.

Through a week long series of hands-on TesTab® tablet tests, games, and activities, students will “test” four stations along a river continuum — from the headwaters to the mouth of the river as it enters the estuary — to study how the river changes and how human activities can influence water quality. Includes lecture materials, illustrated handouts, teacher’s tips, test procedures, TesTab® reagents, data sheets, and games. TesTab® reagents and test tubes for 30 students in groups.

Free download: Watershed Tour™ sample packet

Around $85 each, depending on supplier. Call LaMotte at 800-344-3100 to order (Order Code: 5419) or check their list of distributors.