Mountaintop to Tap

A 3-Week Trek Across the New York City Water Supply System

From July 7th to 28th, 2007, twelve students spent their summer break hiking, canoeing, and boating their way from the Catskill Mountains to New York City.  Why?  Because they wanted to tell the citizens of New York City about the incredible journey water takes before it reaches their tap.

Did you know that water flowing out of New York City’s tap has taken over a 100-mile journey to get to there?

Did you know that 2007 was the 10-year anniversary of an agreement between upstate communities and New York City to work together to protect the land and the streams that are the drinking water source for 9 million people?

Did you know New York City’s drinking water ranks among the best tasting of major cities throughout the world?

If you answered no to the three questions above, get ready to learn more!