Educator Workshops

The Stroud Water Research Center is an Approved Provider for Delaware Continuing Professional Education hours.

Programs can be tailored to meet your needs with typical group rates starting at $550 for a half-day workshop.  Additional fees for travel and supplies are program-dependent.

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Teachers on watershed tour

“Great time, very interesting, everyone wanted to be in this class!” Ohiopyle School District teacher, PA

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Stream Field Study

Using the Center’s 1,800-acre experimental watershed as a living laboratory, participants will explore the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of streams. Specific activities include a macroinvertebrate survey, data analysis, habitat assessment, and chemical analysis of the White Clay Creek. The focus of this program is to prepare teachers to replicate similar activities in their local streams and classrooms. This program can be provided at your stream site.

Leaf Pack Experiment

This workshop uses a combination of classroom and field experiences to introduce teachers to an exciting tool for learning about the ecology of their local stream: the Leaf Pack Experiment Kit.

Using this kit, students conduct their own experiments, investigate food webs, learn classification skills and use technology to share their data with a network of schools across the region.

Reading nitrate results

“The interactivity of the program was great.  I learned different ways to integrate the math and science curriculum of our school.”  Philadelphia School District Teacher, PA

The GLOBE Program®

Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) is a hands-on environmental monitoring program with an international database.

The Stroud Water Research Center is an official partner and can provide the required training to schools or other organizations in the following areas:

Watershed Tour

“Watershed Tour” provides hands-on experience that introduces the concept of watersheds through mapping activities and habitat assessments. Participants will evaluate a simulated water sample from one of four mystery sites along a virtual watershed. They will gather chemical and biological data that will allow them to determine the identity of their site. Although simplified, many of these hands-on activities will help teachers prepare students for field exploration and monitoring activities. Watershed Tour was developed by the Stroud Water Research Center and the LaMotte Company.

Urban Watershed Programs

Where does your drinking water come from? Where is all this storm water runoff going? Workshops will emphasize on urban watershed issues, provide content and hands-on activities.

Project WET® (Water Education for Teachers)

Watercolor painting at the stream’s edge

“I have had a fabulous week. I’m energized with easily applicable ideas. Thank you.” Chester County teacher, PA

The Stroud Water Research Center is a facilitator for Project WET® which promotes awareness and stewardship of water resources. Participants must complete a minimum of 6 hours of hands-on training to receive the 350 page Project WET® Curriculum and Activity Guide.

The Science of Streams Through the World of Art

Multimedia art is a wonderful vehicle for documenting environmental observations and tapping into non-traditional learning styles. Participants will learn the techniques for conveying the science of stream ecology through artistic expression. Subjects include watershed delineation, influences on the color of water, how to assess the health of a stream, life cycles, ecosystem services, and best management practices for conservation.