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Teachers studying stream life

The Center’s Education Department interprets the research of our scientists with the goal of motivating the public to become responsible stewards of freshwater resources.

Programs are multidisciplinary and oriented to a wide audience including watershed advocacy groups, teachers, young adults, and children.

Stroud Water Research Center is an Approved Provider for ACT 48 hours by the State of Pennsylvania and Delaware Continuing Professional Education hours.

Workshops are held at Stroud Water Research Center unless otherwise noted. Please dress for the outdoors. Space is limited.

Microbial Masters

Your instructors for the workshop (left to right): Tara Muenz, Stroud Education Manager; Jen Mosher, Ph.D. (Marshall University) and Jinjun Kan, Ph.D. (Stroud Center)

The workshop is FREE to middle and high school teachers and environmental educators.

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Participation is limited to 20 people. REGISTER by October 13th!

Contact Tara Muenz for more information or to register! 610-268-2153, ext.301

Microbial Masters

FREE 1-day workshop for middle and high school teachers and environmental educators

Saturday, October 17, 9:45 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
at Stroud Water Research Center

Discover the invisible & beneficial world of stream microorganisms!

Microbes are the most abundant form of life on the planet, teeming with benefits, especially to streams. So join us at this workshop and we’ll show you why!

During this event participants will receive an overview of majorly cool stream microbial concepts along with side-by-side field time with our expert scientists, seeing how we study this amazing and invisible world. You’ll also tour our labs, learn how to make watershed tea and be trained in a simple and easy stream bacterial monitoring method that you can take back to your classrooms.

At the workshop you will receive:

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Sponsored by: Stroud Water Research Center and National Science Foundation