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Teachers studying stream life

The Center’s Education Department interprets the research of our scientists with the goal of motivating the public to become responsible stewards of freshwater resources.

Programs are multidisciplinary and oriented to a wide audience including watershed advocacy groups, teachers, young adults, and children.

Workshops are held at Stroud Water Research Center unless otherwise noted. Please dress for the outdoors. Space is limited.

Slimy Leaves for Clean Streams: The Leaf Pack Experiment AND
Non-Lethal Stream Invertebrate Experiments for Students

Stroud Water Research Center Invites All Formal and Non-Formal Educators to Two FREE Stream Ecology Workshops in One Day!

Saturday, May 17, 2014, 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Location: Hyla Woods, 30151 NW Timber Road, Timber, OR 97144, 971-678-9466.

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Registration: The workshops and lunch are FREE but you must RSVP by May 2, 2014 by emailing your name, school or organization affiliation, and phone number to Seats are limited!

Slimy Leaves for Clean Streams: The Leaf Pack Experiment

How can a clump of in-stream slimy leaves provide the basis for stream ecology exploration? Come and learn how to create leaf packs, a method used by scientists, to collect macroinvertebrates and examine the health of a stream.

During this workshop participants will be given the most up-to-date information on streams within a watershed context based on research done at Stroud Water Research Center, followed by a game, and a hands-on examination of a leaf pack with live macroinvertebrates.

With this unique tool, your students will be able to conduct their own experiments, investigate food webs, learn classification skills, and share their data on the Leaf Pack Network® website.

And, it all starts with an onion bag!

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Non-Lethal Stream Invertebrate Experiments for Students

This workshop will present simple ecological experiments teachers can use to meet new Common Core standards in the area of "Scientific and Engineering Practices.” These experiments are short-term, in-stream manipulations which reveal important ecological processes related to stream invertebrates.

During this workshop, participants will learn how to set up these experiments, allowing them to “cook” in the stream for several days before being “harvested.” You’ll model the procedures your students will do in the classroom by completing one of the experiments, set up in advance, tabulating the results and presenting the findings to the rest of the group.

Specific Experiment Topics:

Workshop sponsor: Society for Freshwater Science

In partnership with: Bucknell University, Hyla Woods, Portland State University Cascades to Coast GK 12 Program, Roaring Fork Conservancy.

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