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Our Focus Is Fresh Water

Who We Are

Since 1967, Stroud™ Water Research Center has been focused on one thing — fresh water. We are dedicated to understanding the ecology of streams, rivers, and their watersheds — both pristine and polluted.

What We Do

The health of freshwater ecosystems is our first line of defense in preserving clean water — and clean water is essential to all life.

Our freshwater research, education, and watershed restoration programs enable businesses, policymakers, landowners, and individuals to make informed decisions that affect water quality and availability around the world.

How You Can Help

Show your commitment to research and education programs that are helping to ensure clean and available water here and around the world — become a Friend of Stroud Water Research Center today.

Stroud Water Research Center

National Wildlife Federation

Leaf Pack Kits Connect Students with Nature

A partnership between Stroud Water Research Center and National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is helping more students and teachers connect with nature and investigate their local stream ecosystems using the Leaf Pack Experiment Stream Ecology Kit.
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Have an urgent freshwater concern? Find contacts for fish kills, pollution, erosion, sedimentation, well water and septic issues, and nuisance algae.